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Golfnet is a website managed jointly by the GUI and ILGU. It contains the up-to-date Handicap register for each member of every Affiliated Club. You can access the website to check your handicap online at


After you access the website type in your membership number (found on the back of your membership card)

If you have not logged on before the password is Golfnet. When you log in for the first time you will be asked to change your password to one that is unique to you (Between 6 and 15 characters and contain alpha and numeric characters)

How do I access my handicap using my mobile phone?

Text your eight digit GUI/ILGU Member Number (with no spaces!) to 086 3832600. Once you have sent the text message, you will receive a return message within a minute detailing your current handicap.

Query your lowest handicap in the previous year by phone.

Text "L" followed by a space and then your eight digit GUI/ILGU member number (on the back of your member card) to 086 3832600 (N. Ireland +353 863832600). Once you have submitted your query, you will receive a reply from GOLFNet inside a minute.